Reducing your iPhone battery consumption

One of the weaknesses of the iPhone that you need to know is battery life. Well, here we will share two important tips on how to save iPhone battery. However, don’t forget to also call the finest iphone 7 plus battery replacement service near you if the problem has become too severe for you to handle on your own.

How to save the next iPhone battery that disables some less important apps running on Background App Refresh. Not all applications need this feature anyway, such as games. However, create a messaging application, this feature must be turned on yes.

The more applications that have access to the Background App Refresh feature, the higher the application is eating away your bases. To disable it, go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh and choose the app that you think is less important.

Then, you can also turn off the reducing motion feature. Various animated effects that appear on the iPhone is spoiling our eyes. Unfortunately, you have to redeem it with battery power. So, you can consider disabling it in Settings> Accessibility> Reduce Motion.

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