These Classical Ways are Still Powerful to Clean Carpets!

Carpet is part of the home furniture that is easy to dirty and endanger health if not diligently cleaned. During this time you may use a modern way to clean the carpet, such as using the latest vacuum machine or special cleaning materials. In fact, some of the classic ways that have been done since the old one was still able to try and powerful to cleaning the carpet. But to get the best results for the cleanliness of your carpet, it would be better if you routinely clean it in the best laundry you can find at Regardless, if you want to clean it yourself then here are some classic ways to clean the carpet you can do at home!

1. Palm Broom
You can use this broom to sweep the carpet. With the help of a palm broom, dust and dirt on the carpet can be lifted out. The specialty of a palm fiber broom is its ability to clean itself, meaning that after you use to sweep the dirtiest floor, the collection of fibers that are strung into brooms will not be dusted and dirt.

2. Shave Cream
To get rid of coffee stains, wine, pet urine, or other stubborn dirt, you can use shaving cream. Use a brush to apply the cream to the stained carpet, and then wipe it with a dry cloth until no cream is left. Stains will come up when the cream is cleaned from the carpet.