Keep Your Most Important Organs From Now On!

Nowadays lifestyles tend to be less healthy, especially for urban communities that make health is less controlled, for example, many people are mostly sitting, consume less healthy foods and other unhealthy lifestyle issues. Whereas for the health of the body, exercise at least done in 30 minutes per five days of the week, but in reality sport is only done on Sundays.

Besides doing some sports and consuming several nutritious foods in order to prevent heart disease, however, we still have to protect our health to the experts. Fortis bannerghatta is one of the hospitals that concerning about cardiac care. There are a lot of people who were attacked by heart disease but now is well-handled by us.
However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, reducing the risk of heart disease is a very wise thing. Here are some foods to prevent heart disease naturally:

1.) Consume a piece of chocolate
Believe it or not, in a study mentioned that eating dark chocolate is able to maintain heart health. This is probably caused by the flavonoid content found in dark chocolate that is able to keep the artery channel remains flexible. In addition, other properties found in dark chocolate is also believed to prevent bad cholesterol or LDL from oxidation and even tends to prevent the appearance of plaque. Dark chocolate also contains lots of fiber and magnesium which is good for health.

2.) Eat lots of fish
There are many ways to process fish into a delicious meal, therefore there is no reason for you to dislike fish. In a study published in 2002 by the Journal of the American Medical Association states that women who consume fish each week have a risk of heart disease attack is smaller or have a risk of death from heart disease is less than those who consume fish only once a month. In fact, in other studies mentioned that eating fish consistently and regularly can reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation which became one of the causes of sudden death.

3.) Consumption of fiber-rich cereal foods
How to prevent heart disease other naturally you can do is to consume high fiber cereal at least four times a week. In a study published by the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition, it was mentioned that women who consumed 23 grams of 23 grams of food each day had a 23 percent lower risk of heart attack than those who consumed only 11 grams of fiber. As for men, research shows that a diet with high fiber consumption can prevent the possibility of heart attack to reach 36 percent.

4.) Consumption of cherries every day
The content of anthocyanin compounds found in red cherries is investigated to reduce the risk of exposure to uric acid in the blood, which we know to be a marker of the emergence of heart attacks and strokes.

5.) Consumption of nuts
Eat nuts you can make a way to prevent heart disease naturally easy and effective. In a study mentioned that folate contained in nuts if consumed regularly can reduce the risk of stroke as much as 20 percent and risk of heart disease