Signs That Your Mental is Not Healthy!

Do you know the difference between normal and abnormal mental health? Sometimes it is very easy to distinguish a healthy mental state with the less healthy. However, sometimes to differ someone who experiences mental health disorders or not is also not easy.

Abnormal mental health is quite difficult to distinguish because it is not like the other diseases in general. Mental illness has no visible signs or symptoms. In addition, mental illness is also having symptoms that are not the same between one patient with another patient. Therefore, if you feel there is a sign in you that your mental health is being disturbed then it’s good if you immediately do therapy to the right person to just tell what you feel. You can go to ayahuasca healings. Or probably you can visit the website first at to get more detailed information. Therefore, here are some signs if you are not healthy mentally!

1. Behavior
Someone who has an abnormal mental problem will usually do some habit many times without a clear cause.
2. Feelings
Someone who has an abnormal mental problem will tend to have excessive feelings.
3. How to Think
Impaired mental health can also be seen from the way people think. A person who often dreams or has thoughts of suicide can be said to have a disturbed mental health.