Bad Habits That Can Ruin Mobile Phones

Although it looks trivial to keep the smartphone is very difficult to do especially if we do bad habits can damage the smartphone. The negative effects of bad habits in addition to self-harming also shorten the life of the smartphone, and what are the bad habits that can damage the phone? Doing charger is too long, for example. This habit is very often done if the frequency will be able to damage the battery of the smartphone the reason is not without cause but can be used to the next day with a full battery this action is not good but damage the battery can also damage the smartphone system, so start from now do not ever do charger overnight used tomorrow, but you can do a charger for a maximum of 2-3 hours will make the phone battery durable. The impact is like doing a charger for too long and also by doing a charger using a laptop will damage the battery of the phone because the current laptops differ from electric currents in addition to your laptop requires a long time can also damage the phone, especially batteries. So do not ever check the laptop is not good for mobile phones, it would be better if you do a charger with phone charging station rentals for events.

Perform charger while calling. This habit is to be avoided in addition to damaging health because of high radiation exposure that can damage our health can also make heat on the components of the phone especially the battery if the battery is too long will be able to make the battery bloated and damaged. in addition, it also makes charger while calling cause slow charging power on the phone but it also happened when people call while doing charger but suddenly your phone explode so must be avoided. Not using the original charger, If the original charger from the manufacturer is damaged or lost, buy the same official charger for your Android phone brand. do not ever use a fake charger just because it is tempted to be cheaper than the original charger. The original charger does work when used to charge the battery on your android phone. However, the voltage or voltage that each Android smartphone can vary. If you still want to use a fake charger, then your android phone will be damaged and exploded. Surely you’ve heard the news about the explosion of an android phone because of charge is not original when charging the battery. For that, for your own safety is also your phone, you better use the official charger for your Android phone brand.