Get actively involved in your parish

Connect with your favorite Father. Tell him about your interest in joining the seminary and ask if you can help him in ministries or when he goes to visit sick church members or participate in parish activities. In addition to the altar service how to become a pastor, help also in terms of singing and reading. Getting a thorough knowledge of church books and songs will make it much easier for the future. Being a Father is not a decision that can be taken in vain – it is a path that takes years to complete and not a way for those with a weak heart or faith. If you can imagine yourself doing anything else in the future, Father’s life may not be for you. Therefore you need education and guidance to become a pastor and you can make it happen by guidance on how to become a pastor.

Pray to ask God for help in understanding your situation. Participate regularly in mass, connect with your parish priest and find out first how about life as Father. Ask for advice from the vocational director or anyone mentor in the church you trust.