The importance of eyelashes for women

There are many women who don’t feel confident when they have to go outside, just because they don’t have the thick and dark eyelashes. Most women are desiring the thick, long, and dark eyelashes, and it can be difficult to be achieved, especially if the one who wants the thick eyelashes doesn’t have a good genetics. Furthermore, some women are even cutting down their eyelashes recklessly when they were young, and they are obviously regretting what they’ve done today. It’s so important for any woman to have a pair of beautiful eyelashes, and there are many women who’ve wondered about do eyelashes grow back?

It does actually can grow back. However, to grow naturally, it takes a very long time for the eyelashes to do so. Some girls are using the artificial eyelashes, some extension, or any other beauty product from the market. However, the result still won’t be as good the one who has the naturally beautiful eyelashes. That’s why it’s not recommended for any teenage girls to cut down their own eyelashes. Even tough they may not feel wrong when they do that, but after they’ve grown up they may feel terrible and not so confident as well.

There are many beauty products that have promised their clients to regrow their eyelashes. However, it’s nearly impossible, due to making your hair grow naturally won’t be as easy as when you do that to your hair. It happens because of the hair is connected to many blood vessels on the head. Thus, making it receives a lot of nutrition from the blood. On the other hand, the eyelashes can’t grow over 11 cm, due to it receives only a little bit amount of nutrition from the small blood vessels within your eyelids. Additionally, it takes 3-4 months for a new eyelash to grow in order to replace the fallen one. That’s why it’s a lot safer if you don’t cut down your own eyelashes, and you may want to tell any teenage girl in your family so they won’t do a mistake by cutting their own eyelashes.

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